A Moderately Priced Time Machine to the Stars is Available

A moderately priced telescope for the astronomer in need
Apochromatic refractors are in the price range of amateur astronomers

Astronomy Products

Astronomy telescopes are not all equal

Astronomy Products – Amateur astronomers during the past decade have had the opportunity to use moderately priced apochromatic refractors that just a few years ago were out of their price range. One of the finest 4-inch apochromatic refractors available for amateur astronomers, the 4.2-inch f/6.5 AT106LE from Astronomy Technologies combines outstanding optical performance thanks to a triple objective and engineering and design in tune with more expensive telescopes from a few years ago. Within the AT106LE, an FPL-53ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass element decreases false color, while a dual-speed 2″ Crayford focuser, retractable dew shade and aluminum storage case complete the ensemble of a top-shelf telescope, without the sticker shock buyers normally associate with apochromatic refractors.

A reasonably priced astronomy tool for the young astronomer

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