Binoculars are Great for Casual Viewing of the Night Sky

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Binoculars allow you to use two eyes, which improves the view
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Viewing the universe using two eyes allows you to see more

Astronomy Products – Binoculars are a useful and fun way to view the solar system and delve even deeper into the cold darkness of space and time. The modern astronomer makes use of an amazing array of scientific viewing devices and techniques in the human journey to the beginning of space and time”. Large telescopes on both the Earth and orbiting the planet search the cosmos on a daily basis, using advanced optical systems, and new techniques to look at the universe in ways never before experienced by humans. Thousands of amateur star-gazers also use similar optical systems and techniques based on the same equipment to view the universe on a nightly basis. Good viewing binoculars, however, are a great and fun way for casual stargazers to journey to nearby celestial objects to have a quick look, and they’re also a good way to tour the universe.
Why bother with binoculars considering the array of sophisticated viewing equipment available for the dedicated amateur astronomer? Binoculars have a few points in their favor that make them good for the casual stargazer. Binoculars have a low power and wide field of view that makes them an ideal time-machine-to-the-stars for casual viewers of the night sky, or even sophisticated viewing of the universe. Science has certainly proven that viewing the night sky with two eyes is better than viewing the universe with one. The human eye’s power of resolution and ability to detect faint objects in the night sky dramatically improves using two eyes, rather than the one required for viewing with the traditional telescope. In addition, color perception and contrast of the view humans’ observe using two eyes, rather than one, improves noticeably.

 Astronomy binoculars will enhance the view during your journey

Need more proof? On a clear, moonless night, head out to your favorite deep sky viewing spot to conduct a little test of your own. Once you arrive, keep both eyes open, while covering one eye with your hand, and take a look at the night sky. Make a mental note of the faintest stars you see in the night sky. Now, take your hand away from the eye you have kept covered and view the same area of the night sky as before, and you’ll see a lot more stars in the area you previously viewed. It isn’t unusual for some stargazers to experience as much as a 10-percent improvement in perception using two eyes, rather than one, and this can be just the difference that provides some viewers on a casual journey to the beginning of space and time” with a life-changing experience.

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