Binotron-27 astronomy binoculars

Binotron-27 Binoviewers

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View the cosmos in style!

Whether blasting off to Jupiter

Viewing the rings of Saturn

Or touring the solar system

Binotron-27 astronomy binoculars
Designed and engineered to view the cosmos

Astronomy binoculars are the clear winner

Re-engineered from the ground up

Designed to view the cosmos

Denkmeier’s new Binotron-27 is the ultimate binoviewer

  • New Diopter adjusters allow each eye to focus individually without rotating the eyepieces

  • New Patent Pending Collitron Eyepiece Holders allow for easy collimation in minutes without special tools or a telescope

  • A beautiful finish and lightweight rubber coatings make the new Binotron-27 easy on the eyes

  • New 27mm Aperture Prisms allows for superior dielectric coating of the 26mm clear aperture prism surfaces

  • Available as new Binotron-27 Super System. This system focuses at three magnifications on any telescope type using their Patented Optical Corrector/Power X Switch System

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Collimating the Binotron-27

Fujinon 150mm binoculars are considered by many to be the finest astronomy binoculars in the world

Astronomy Binoculars Enhance the View

Fujinon 150mm binoculars are considered by many to be the finest astronomy binoculars in the world
Fujinon 150mm binoculars are considered by many to be the finest astronomy binoculars in the world

Astronomers using binoculars report two eyes are better than one

Astronomy questions and answers – Why astronomy binoculars? The human anatomy and brain are finely tuned for viewing the universe using two eyes, and astronomy gurus indicate there are benefits to viewing the universe through both eyes. Doing astronomy using both eyes means about 40 percent more light reaches the brain, according to some scientific studies. Other astronomy studies indicate our power of resolution and ability to detect faint objects are dramatically improved by viewing the universe through two eyes. Astronomers using binoculars to conduct astronomy studies also report an enhancement of image contrast and additional color.

Modern astronomy implements a vast array of scientific instrumentation and techniques to view the universe. Today’s amateur astronomy guru has at their disposal huge telescopes, advanced optical equipment, and astronomy accessories that were once only in the realm of the professional astronomer. The truth is the low power magnification and very wide field of view of modern astronomy binoculars make them perfect for viewing the solar system. Binoculars are generally less expensive for amateur astronomers looking for a cheaper way to journey to the beginning of space and time. They’re also easier to transport and setup, than an astronomy telescope, you can carry them around your neck.

Celestron Skymaster 15 x 70 binoculars are perfect for viewing the night sky
Celestron Skymaster 15 x 70 binoculars are perfect for viewing the night sky

Do you own binocular research

Conduct some astronomy research on your own. Walk out to a dark viewing spot on a cold, clear, moonless night, and try this easy test. Keep both eyes open, then cover one eye with your hand, and look up at the sky. Make a mental footnote of some of the faintest stars you see in the night sky. Now take your hand away from your eye and view the same faint stars again. You’ll discover there are more stars in this region of the night sky than you first thought. Astronomy studies indicate some astronomers experience as much as a 10 percent improvement in perception.

Let’s do this astronomy test again using a nebulous object in the night sky, like the hazy band of the Milky Way stretching across the cosmos. Alternately cover and uncover one eye as you did before. The contrast between the soft glow of the star clouds of the Milky Way and the background sky will appear far more distinct when viewed through two eyes, rather than one. Astronomy studies indicate as much as a 40 percent increase in the contrast of hazy objects viewed using two eyes.

There’s little doubt in the minds of both astronomy professionals and amateur astronomers that viewing the night sky through binoculars is a great way to start your journey to the beginning of space and time.

Orion BT2 binoculars are great for viewing the night sky
Your two-eyed time-machine-to-the-stars is ready to blast-off

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Orion BT100 Binocular Telescope

Your two-eyed time-machine-to-the-stars is ready to blast-off

Astronomy Products

Human beings were designed to view the universe using two eyes

Astronomical binoculars are a time-machine-to-the-stars that will make your “Journey to the Beginning of Space and Time” a trip of a lifetime. The views you’ll experience during your journey will blow-your-mind using two eyes, rather than one, and you’ll return from your trip with tales of space and time your astronomy buddies will envy. The Orion BT100 Premium Binocular Telescope’s 100mm aperture helps to create bright, high-contrast 90 degree views of the universe at 24x magnification, using included 25mm Sirius Plossl eyepieces, that both your eyes will love.

Astronomical binocular telescope with amazing image quality

A 4-inch refractor that accepts standard 1 1/4 eyepieces that are focused individually for optimal performance, the Orion BT100 Premium Binocular Telescope features an all-metal body, fully multicoated achromatic objective lenses, Porro prisms made of BaK-4 glass, and removable eyepieces. Just mount your two-eyed time-machine-to-the-stars on a sturdy heavy-duty tripod, which isn’t included, slip the 25mm Sirius Plossl eyepieces into place in the integrated 90 degree prism assemblies, and blast-off from the Earth and “Journey to the beginning of Space and Time” to experience the wonders of the universe through two eyes.

Blast off to the stars with the Orion BT100 Binocular telescope

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Garrett Optical Signature 20X110 HD-WP Binoculars

Massively clear optics make using these astronomical binoculars pure fun
Great binoculars for viewing the night sky

Astronomy Products

A time-machine-to-the-stars with two viewing ports gives you a better view

Astronomy Products – Garrett Optical makes some of the top giant stargazing binoculars in the business, including the 20×110 monster binoculars and its higher magnification 28×110 brother, which are part of Garrett Optical’s Signature Line. These two binoculars boast 4.3-inch objectives for wonderfully expansive views of the night sky. The 20×110 puts 2.7 degrees of the night sky into a single field of view, which allows stargazers to view celestial objects like the Pleiades (M45) and the Double Cluster (NGC 869 and NGC 884). The eyepieces of these two giant binoculars aren’t removable, but you can thread standard 1 1/4-inch astronomical filters into the eyepieces of these giant binoculars.

Human beings were made to view the universe using two eyes

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