Space News


Here we cover the latest astronomy news from around the world.

Discover simple elliptical galaxy UGC 1382.

Discover The Helix Nebula, called The Eye of God by many.

Discover older spiral galaxy NGC 5010.

Read about a small region of the sky that’s the source of mysterious, energetic blasts.

Read about the Chandra X-ray Observatory’s detection of x-ray emissions of comets Panstarrs and ISON.

Read about a recent flare detected emanating from binary star system V404 Cygni.

Learn how galaxy CGCG254-021 got its tail?

Read and learn about infrared echoes dancing around Cassiopeia A.

Read about traveling across the Tarantula Nebula on a runaway star.

Read about Wolf-Rayet star Nasty 1.

Read about the Kepler Space Telescope capturing a supernova shockwave in visible light for the first time.

Warren Wong.

Editor and Chief,

Journey to the Beginning of Space and Time.

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