Steady Your Time-Machine-to-the-Stars for Timeless Views

The Celestron CGE Pro German equatorial mount

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Astronomy mounts are not all equal

Astronomy Products – Using a sturdy mount to keep your time-machine-to-the-stars stationary is the difference between spectacular moments during your “Journey to the Beginning of Space and Time”, and less than fabulous views due to poor performance on the part of your telescope. One of the top heavy-duty mounts for your time-machine-to-the-stars is the Celestron’s CGE Pro German computerized equatorial mount. Light enough at 154 lbs to be transported to the perfect dark sky viewing spot, the Celestron CGE Pro German computerized equatorial mount can hold up to 90 pounds of telescope firmly in place, for timeless and unforgettable moments on your “Journey to the Beginning of Space and Time”. Just plug the Celestron CGE Pro into a 12-volt power source and the onboard polar alignment routine quickly and reliably helps you align the mount, even if the celestial pole is hidden from view. Making locating and following the celestial object of your choice across the night sky as easy as initializing the Celestron CGE Pro’s systems and blasting off into the night sky where no man has been before.

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