iOptron MiniTower Pro go-to Mount

Lightweight and always ready to go, the iOpton MiniTower Pro is one of the best models around

Astronomy Products

Lightweight go-to mount for the astronomer on the go

Astronomy Products – Tipping the scale at just 9 pounds, the iOptron MiniTower Pro is a portable alt-azimuth mount that can support a time-machine-to-the-stars weighing as much as 33 pounds, only takes 10 minutes to set on the launch pad, and has everything you need to “Journey to the Beginning of Space and Time” to view the universe. Totally portable, the iOpton MiniTower Pro fits in the included alloy metal carrying case like a glove, except for the tripod, and can be easily stored in the trunk of your car, or airline luggage, so you’re always ready to continue your journey at a moments notice, no matter your location on the Earth.

The perfect launch platform for your telescope

The iOptron Mini Tower Pro is equipped with two dovetail adapters capable of supporting the majority of standard telescopes on the market today. Includes metal worm gears with typical 1 arcminute accuracy, strong 2″ alloy legs and GPS capability that allows you to select the dark sky spot you desire to view the universe from. Add in a standard 8401 SmartStar hand controller with information that quickly allows you to locate over 130,000 celestial objects in the night sky, a USB port that allows you to easily connect to a wide variety of planetarium programs, an 8-inch LCD back-lit display, and you’re always ready to continue your “Journey to the Beginning of Space and Time at a moments notice.

Solid, strong and dependable

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