Astromist: The Essential Star Map for Your Journey to the Beginning of Space and Time

Astronomy requires several tools to make the job easier and more fun
Your star maps to the universe

Astronomy Products

Astronomy software makes the journey easier

Astronomy Products – Before beginning your “Journey to the Beginning of Space and Time” pick up a copy of Astromist by Astromist Software. An essential star map in your palm or pocket, Astromist is a versatile software application for Palm-based computers that shrinks the power of a PC-based planetarium program into a palm-sized form perfect for the road. Astromist plots up to 2.5 million stars and more than 18,000 deep sky objects and then displays them in an easy to read format on charts ranging from the whole-sky to smaller eyepiece close-ups. Astromist also shows the position of the moon, planets, and some of the comets in the solar system, and lets you maneuver your time-machine-to-the-stars using Bluetooth or infrared controls.

You will need an accurate map for your journey

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