NASA Unveils 2018 Budget Estimates of Cost of Space Exploration

For the American contribution to the human journey to the beginning of space and time

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NASA’s released documents covering American economic contributions, future strategic plans, and current performance during this phase of the human journey to the beginning of space and time. Below you’ll find links to each. 

Comments by current NASA administrator Robert Lightfoot on NASA’s 2018 budget.

Read acting administrator Robert Lightfoot’s NASA budget press release.

The President’s budget request to cover NASA’s estimated expenses for 2018.

A smaller fact sheet covering specific estimates for NASA’s estimated expenses for 2018.

Documents covering NASA’s estimated expenses for science operations for 2018.

A presentation of the highlights of NASA’s 2018 budget estimates for media.

Videos of NASA administrator Robert Lightfoot talking about NASA’s 2018 budget and other video tours of NASA.

The White House website Federal Budget Proposal for NASA operations in 2018 and beyond.

Documents relating to NASA’s 2017 budget, along with previous years.

NASA’s 2018 performance report.

NASA’s 2014 strategic plan, which is due to be updated in 2018.

The United States is a leader during the human journey to the beginning of space and time and 2018’s shaping up to be an exciting year. Curiosity will continue to travel across the Red Planet searching for signs of water and life, while NASA continues with plans for humans to stand upon Mars sometime in 2030s. 

Check out NASA’s 2018 budget and strategic plans to spend the money invested in our desire to reach the stars and the vast beyond. America’s spending a lot of your money to expand the space frontier each year. You might want to check out their progress and work. It could be important for the future of your kids and generations of human beings to come.

Follow the human journey to the beginning of space and time at NASA.