Tele Vue’s Visionary Delos Line of Outstanding Eyepieces

Tele Vue's Delos line of visionary eyepieces
Tele Vue’s Delos line of visionary eyepieces

The Delos line of visionary eyepieces has an image to live up to built over thirty years of outstanding products and services.

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Tele Vue has won many awards for their visionary eyepieces and imaging innovations over three decades. Their new Delos line of visionary eyepieces has just added a few more to the collection case. Sky and Telescope recently awarded the Delos line a Hot Product for 2013 award, while Astronomy Magazine awarded the Delos line a 2012 Star Product award.

We found the Delos line of visionary eyepieces have essentially perfect optics and performed even better than we imagined. They provide a pure view of both the planets and deep-sky objects. Tele Vue has hit all of the right keys with the Delos line of visionary eyepieces, creating an eyepiece that can stand toe-to-toe with the best eyepieces on the market.

The new Delos line of 72-degree apparent field eyepieces feature a long eye-relief of 20mm and are guaranteed to last a lifetime. When owning the best eyepieces in the world doesn’t cost much more, the new Delos line is the easy choice.

View the universe through a Delos today and discover “Love at first sight.”

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