Meade’s New LX600 is Faster, Smarter and Easier to Setup

This Meade 16" LX600 is state of the art astronomy equipment
This Meade 16″ LX600 is state of the art astronomy equipment

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The New LX600 f/8 ACF with StarLock Advanced Technology is easy to transport and setup at your next dark sky viewing spot.

Meade’s amazing LX600 f/8 with StarLock Advanced Technology takes a giant leap forward by making Astro-imaging easier and transportation and setup of your new LX600 a breeze. Meade’s new LX600 makes taking eye-popping images of Jupiter as easy as focusing the camera and opening the shutter.

StarLock Advanced Technology

  • Provides astronomers with full-time completely automatic guiding and closed loop precision pointing.

New f/8 Advanced Coma-Free Optical System

  • New mirror mounting and internal Crayford-style focusing system achieves true zero image-shift and includes a two-speed focuser.

All New X-Wedge

  • Precision machined aluminum for maximum stability with smooth, accurate altitude and azimuth adjustments on the fly. The new X-Wedge is the essential astronomy accessory for polar mounting your new LX600 for long exposure Astro imaging.

Meade’s new LX600 is the next generation in state-of-the-art, high-end astronomy telescopes for the serious sky watcher willing to invest more than just time. Drop by a Meade store today to have a look at an LX600. You won’t be disappointed and you could find yourself flying to Jupiter this November on your new Meade LX 600 16″ telescope to take images you’ll never forget.

Watch this YouTube video on opening the box to your new Meade LX600.

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