The Biggest Bang of Them All?

The term Big Bang is actually not the right way to describe the beginning of the universe
The Big Bang is the human term for the beginning of space and time
Did the universe begin with the biggest bang of them all?

The “Big Bang Theory” Hits Home

Astronomy News – Ever heard of the “Big Bang Theory”, the television show starring Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons as two nerdy physicists being taught the meaning of a big bang by the sexy and memorable Kaley Cuoco as Penny. We’ll astronomers have a theory about the biggest bang of them all, they call the “Big Bang”. A theory about the beginning of space and time and the reasons the universe you’ll experience during your “Journey to the Beginning of Space and Time” is expanding and continuing to expand, astronomers “Big Bang” theory is the best theory humans have conceptualized, so far, to explain the beginning of the universe and the things humans experience during our “Journey to the Beginning of Space and Time”.

An expanding universe

The discovery of the expanding universe by Edwin Hubble in the 1920s led to the conclusion by astronomers and scientists that the universe must once have been much closer together, and fundamentally changed the way astronomers view the universe and space and time as possible proof of the “Big Bang”. Did the universe begin in an instant of space and time in a cosmic event we refer to as the “Big Bang”? Modern astronomers are currently using the latest technology and biggest telescopes ever engineered and built by mankind to journey backward in time to the moments just before the birth of the universe to look for clues to answers to this question. The Hubble Space Telescope and soon to be launched James Webb Space Telescope will form a team of astronomical instruments that will help astronomers look backward to a time just before the “Big Bang” would have occurred, if present theories are correct. At present, astronomers have only journeyed backward to a time about 1 or 2 million years before this supposed, “Big Bang”, but they expect to travel farther backward to a time closer to the Big Bang, once the James Webb Space Telescope is up and running around 2014 or 2015, according to the latest estimates by NASA.
Astronomers studying the beginning of space and time plan to use the James Webb Space Telescope to get a better view of this moment
Astronomers are planning to journey back to the beginning of space and time to see if they can prove this Big Bang really happened
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