Grab a Bahtinov Focus-Mask for Your Time-Machine-to-the-Stars

A focusing mask will save you time
A Bahtinov focusing mask will save you time for other things

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An essential focusing tool for your “Journey to the Beginning of Space and Time”

Small but useful if you need to focus a telescope
Achieving perfect focus can be time-consuming and difficult without a focusing mask to help you

Focusing your telescope

Astronomy Products – One of the toughest things to achieve when trying to take timeless pictures during your “Journey to the Beginning of Space and Time” will be getting a sharp focus on your time-machine-to-the-stars. Professional astronomers and amateur astronomers in-the-know will use a focusing mask over the front of their time-machine-to-the-stars, rather than relying on trial and error to take pictures of unforgettable views during their trip to the stars.
One of the best and easiest to use and setup face masks on the market is the Bahtinov face-mask sold by Focus-Mask. Simply aim your time-machine-to-the-stars toward the star of your hearts desire, take a short 3 to 5-second exposure of your target, and then take a look at the three diffraction spikes on the Bahtinov face-mask. Adjust the focus on your time-machine-to-the-stars, take another 3 to 5-second exposure of your target, and once again examine the diffraction spikes. Continue this process until the middle diffraction spike lies directly between the other two spikes and you should be ready to take a shot of your hearts desire your kids will never forget.

Make sure you take your Bahtinov Focus mask with you

Before you head out on the next leg of your “Journey to the Beginning of Space and Time” grab a Bahtinov face-mask or another face-mask, and your view and astrophotography will improve significantly, and you’ll have more time for timeless views, rather than spending time trying to focus your time-machine-to-the-stars.
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