Binotron-27 astronomy binoculars

Binotron-27 Binoviewers

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View the cosmos in style!

Whether blasting off to Jupiter

Viewing the rings of Saturn

Or touring the solar system

Binotron-27 astronomy binoculars
Designed and engineered to view the cosmos

Astronomy binoculars are the clear winner

Re-engineered from the ground up

Designed to view the cosmos

Denkmeier’s new Binotron-27 is the ultimate binoviewer

  • New Diopter adjusters allow each eye to focus individually without rotating the eyepieces

  • New Patent Pending Collitron Eyepiece Holders allow for easy collimation in minutes without special tools or a telescope

  • A beautiful finish and lightweight rubber coatings make the new Binotron-27 easy on the eyes

  • New 27mm Aperture Prisms allows for superior dielectric coating of the 26mm clear aperture prism surfaces

  • Available as new Binotron-27 Super System. This system focuses at three magnifications on any telescope type using their Patented Optical Corrector/Power X Switch System

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Collimating the Binotron-27