Garrett Optical Signature 20X110 HD-WP Binoculars

Massively clear optics make using these astronomical binoculars pure fun
Great binoculars for viewing the night sky

Astronomy Products

A time-machine-to-the-stars with two viewing ports gives you a better view

Astronomy Products – Garrett Optical makes some of the top giant stargazing binoculars in the business, including the 20×110 monster binoculars and its higher magnification 28×110 brother, which are part of Garrett Optical’s Signature Line. These two binoculars boast 4.3-inch objectives for wonderfully expansive views of the night sky. The 20×110 puts 2.7 degrees of the night sky into a single field of view, which allows stargazers to view celestial objects like the Pleiades (M45) and the Double Cluster (NGC 869 and NGC 884). The eyepieces of these two giant binoculars aren’t removable, but you can thread standard 1 1/4-inch astronomical filters into the eyepieces of these giant binoculars.

Human beings were made to view the universe using two eyes

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