New Eyepieces on the Block

Astronomers need several different eyepieces in order to view the universe
A rising star on the horizon of usable and reliable eyepieces

Astronomy Products

Explore the universe using a nitrogen-purged eyepiece

Explore Scientific makes several different kinds of eyepieces perfect for both the amateur and professional astronomer
The 14mm, 9mm, and 20mm eyepieces

The right equipment makes viewing the universe easier

Astronomy Products – The right eyepiece for your time-machine-to-the-stars can make the difference between memorable views during your “Journey to the Beginning of Space and Time”, and less than perfect views due to the fact you don’t have the equipment that to observe the universe. Explore Scientific is a new kid on the eyepiece manufacturing block, but the 20mm eyepiece of their 100 Series of eyepieces is quickly gaining fame for producing timeless views of space and time. Similar in many ways to Explore Scientific’s 9mm and 14mm offerings, the 20mm version of the 100 Series features enhanced optical coatings inside a barrel that has been purged with nitrogen and then sealed against the elements. A watertight barrel is a necessity when out in the wild as it will prevent fog from developing inside the barrel as the temperature goes down outside and consequently inside the barrel of the eyepiece. At the same time sealing the barrel against the elements keeps dust and fungus from contaminating the eyepiece and ruining your view of the universe.
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